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White papers on the cloud and Azure


Deepen your understanding of cloud computing with these resources for business leaders and technical professionals.

Developer Velocity: How Software Excellence Fuels Business Performance

Read this McKinsey report to see how businesses that empower their developers and create a working environment that fosters innovation are achieving the greatest returns on their software investments.

Azure Proof of Concept Guide for Developers

Prove whether a concept works – before your organisation invests in it. Learn how to create an effective proof of concept for building apps in Azure, from designing a plan to measuring test results.

Start Your Move to the Cloud: Five Pilot Project Ideas

Streamline the cloud migration process and solidify your migration strategy by starting small. Get examples of common cloud migration projects to use as a pilot, from exiting a datacentre to enabling remote work.

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Microsoft named a Leader in Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services by Gartner®


See why Microsoft was named a Magic Quadrant Leader in Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services by Gartner for the ninth consecutive year. Download the report to learn more about the latest cloud service offerings and why Microsoft placed furthest on the Completeness of Vision axis for the first time this year.

Innovate anywhere with Azure: Microsoft Azure Arc brings cloud benefits to your on-premises, multi-cloud and edge workloads

Learn why hybrid, multi-cloud and edge strategy is critical to the long-term success of your business and IT teams. Manage your infrastructure more efficiently, reduce costs and achieve global scalability – while meeting local and industry regulations – with a secure and seamless hybrid cloud on Azure. 

Read this white paper to get an overview of a hybrid strategy with Azure Arc to seamlessly secure, manage and govern your growing digital estate.

Explore specific opportunities for implementing hybrid cloud infrastructure in your organisation, including how to:

  • Manage Kubernetes apps anywhere at scale. 
  • Secure your distributed infrastructure and apps
  • Gather insights from your data to make smarter decisions
  • Address regulatory and connectivity challenges

Azure Zero Trust Controls: Platform Threat Vector

This document describes how to protect data in an Azure tenant from risk sourced from the cloud service  provider.  

Moving Mainframe Operations to Azure


Many corporations and public agencies are increasing the planning and movement of their mainframe to the cloud.  Mainframe Operations serves as the heartbeat in command and control of the organization’s computing power. 

The movement of Mainframe Operations to Azure, whether in whole or in part requires a holistic view of the Legacy Mainframe Operations pillars. 

We will focus on some key components within the wide-ranging Microsoft Azure Cloud that can be enabled to build a world class Azure Native Cloud Enterprise Operations.

The planning considerations on moving Legacy Mainframe Operations are massive and varied.  This guide will provide pertinent thought domains for your respective environment on Azure.

IDC white paper: The business value of Microsoft Azure for SQL Server and Windows Server Workloads

Learn about eight global enterprises from diverse industries that realised significant financial and efficiency benefits by migrating their SQL Server and Windows Server workloads to Azure. This IDC white paper – commissioned by Microsoft – details how companies: 

· Achieved USD 15.85 million in total annual benefits by optimising costs and operational efficiencies while increasing business opportunities. 

· Increased net revenue by USD 9.84 million and enhanced user experiences with greater scalability, performance, timeliness and innovation. 

· Increased IT security efficiency by 43 per cent with cloud tools and automation. 

Security for Azure Arc-enabled infrastructure with Intel whitepaper

Microsoft and Intel offer enterprises a comprehensive approach to security across their entire IT estate  through Azure Stack HCI, a hyperconverged and hybrid solution that uses Azure Arc to bring  Azure-based security to hybrid and multi-cloud environments.  Learn how to secure your Microsoft Azure Arc–enabled environment with Microsoft and Intel technologies. 

Unify operations across hybrid and multi-cloud environments

The rapidly evolving IT landscape brings new challenges and big opportunities for organizations like yours. From delivering your products as a service and transforming your data into new products, to complying with ever changing regulations, the hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure made possible by Microsoft and Intel can help your organization meet its business goals. 

Learn how to efficiently implement your hybrid and multi-cloud strategy by extending Microsoft Azure services to every corner of your IT estate with Azure Arc-enabled Azure Stack HCI on Intel® technology.

Quantum Mainframe Integration

Data is the foundation for many large enterprises. For many companies around the world, their future depends on using their data effectively. In this paper, we will demonstrate how to integrate quantum computing into an existing independent software vendor (ISV) capability to enhance the security of PII data when migrating legacy workloads to the Azure Cloud.

Future of Mobile Networks and Cloud Computing

The ability of operators and hyperscalers to partner will largely be governed by the simplicity, security, and resilience of the mobile-to-cloud experience and is thus deeply important to both the operator and the cloud provider.

Mission-critical applications on Azure IaaS

Make your mission-critical apps more resilient and cost-effective by running them with infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Read this Avanade white paper, sponsored by Microsoft and Intel, to see why Azure IaaS is ideal for most apps, and get guidance on what to consider when planning to deploy your apps to the cloud.

Find out how to increase efficiency and reduce costs by running apps with IaaS because of:

  • Consumption instead of capacity: Pay only for the resources you consume instead of excess capacity that you don’t need.
  • Automation: Streamline operations by using automation features built into cloud services.   
  • Business continuity: Get features and services, such as high availability, on-demand scalability, storage redundancy and built-in disaster recovery, with well-defined IaaS architectures.

Start learning about deploying your apps to Azure – get the white paper.