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The Total Economic Impact™ of Migration to Microsoft Azure SQL Managed Databases

A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting

Published: 21/08/2020

Explore the benefits, costs and considerations associated with deploying Azure SQL managed databases in this Forrester Consulting study commissioned by Microsoft.

Four customers were interviewed about their experience migrating their on-premises SQL Server workloads to the cloud using Azure SQL managed databases, which include Azure SQL Managed Instance and Azure SQL Database. In addition to a projected return on investment of 238 per cent over three years, the analysis showed that a representative organisation based on the interviewed customers also experienced: 

  • A 25 per cent increase in IT productivity. 
  • A 40 per cent improvement in productivity for database administrators. 
  • Cost benefits, including avoiding on-premises infrastructure costs of USD 5.4 million related to computing power, storage, networks, and data centre space and energy. 

Download the study now to learn about the potential financial impact of Azure SQL managed databases on your organisation. 

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