Greystone Solutions, Inc.

Greystone Solutions, Inc.

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We have been helping our clients achieve agility and efficiency in the cloud since 2008 — specifically the effective use of Microsoft technologies in the cloud.

Our services include strategy, architecture, engineering, compliance and managed services. Typical use cases include:

- Deploying SharePoint Enterprise Content Management
- Reporting and integration servers
- Product and service trials for new ventures
- Portals and public web sites
- “Virtual Private Clouds” for complex development and test environments
- Reduction or elimination of physical server installations for reduced cost, improved security, scalability and disaster recovery
- The migration of Exchange servers to Office 365.

Our clients have seen dramatic benefits in agility, efficiency, scalability and redundancy.

Our approach to creating and executing a cloud enablement strategy follows these steps.

- Cloud Enablement Assessment
- Enablement Roadmap
- Engineering and Implementation
- Managed Services or Education and Transition

We believe that creating appropriate, safe and effective cloud enablement solutions begins with a careful investigation of existing conditions and requirements.

We achieve this through an assessement which determines the feasibility of migrating some or all of your systems and data to the cloud and provides target schedules, sequence, technologies costs and savings.

Greystone develops comprehensive solutions that balance complex business and technical requirements.

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