Cardinal Solutions Group, Inc.

Cardinal Solutions Group, Inc.

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Cardinal Solutions is a national solution provider headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, with a rich history of digital transformation with Azure. Our expertise in native cloud applications, mobile/digital, internet of things, analytics, and modern data center (including open source solutions) enables us to develop complex software solutions in the cloud.

Our specialists manage the move to the Cloud, for your enterprise, securely and efficiently. That means access to shared data, applications, services, and infrastructure that enables faster collaboration and reduced costs.

Our approach is to educate the customer on the possible, via real-life case studies, with the focus on innovation. Our portfolio includes over 50 successful deployments that range across a variety of industries and workloads. We help you craft a strategy that gets you started on the path to innovation in the cloud.

See the value and cost savings of Microsoft Azure with one of our Cloud Fast Start Programs:
• Infrastructure Migration
• Azure Site Recovery and Back Up
• Azure Open Source Solutions
• Azure Dev/Test
• Big Data and Advanced Analytics
• Internet of Things

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• Pivotal Cloud Foundry
• Cloudera

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