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Looking to Make the Move to the Cloud?
As you deal with a complex IT landscape, there is more pressure to modernize your IT with the next generation of infrastructure, OS and applications. It is important that you have a trusted partner with the knowledge on cloud technology and the expertise to help execute your goals.

Leave the Heavy Lifting to Us:

There are many questions to be answered when outlining your cloud computing strategy such as what benefits do I get from PAAS versus IAAS? And do I have to move everything offsite? We are here to provide guidance during your decision making process.

Cloud Assessment
We'll help you understand your current IT landscape as it relates to cloud computing including your tolerance for change based on your current application portfolio, service needs and geographical distribution of your employees, customers, and partners.

App Migrations
AgileThought can handle rehosting, recoding and recompiling existing applications to run on infrastructure as a service (IaaS) or platform as a service (PaaS) cloud services to help ensure a smooth migration to the cloud.
NOTE: Windows Server 2003 is ending support in the 2015 - migrate your apps now.

Our cloud capabilities include helping your organization manage a process to store, backup, and recover data as well as develop, test, and run apps. Our expertise includes Microsoft Azure.

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