Mainframe migration

Bring your mainframe applications to an agile cloud platform to run them securely around the world and reduce your infrastructure costs. Maximise your business potential with a reliable and scalable mainframe migration strategy.

Spend less and make room to grow

Modernise with ease and without abandoning the applications you rely on by running your mainframe applications on Azure. Rapidly address your customer needs at scale without sacrificing functionality, security or compliance.

"COBOL...was not built with cloud computing, the Internet-of-Things, and DevOps in mind. All of this equates to a perfect storm where today's business needs can no longer be solved by yesterday's technologies."

Didier Durand, VP of Product Management, LzLabs

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Steve Steuart from Astadia joins Scott Hanselman to show how a main frame reference architecture based on Azure enables you to deploy your main frame assets to a native Azure environment.

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Drive innovation to scale up

Increase efficiency to deliver goods and services faster by migrating your mainframe applications to Azure. To increase vehicle utilisation and minimise costs, J.B. Hunt built a new marketplace feature for J.B. Hunt 360, the company’s comprehensive technology platform. They’re using Azure to scale J.B. Hunt 360 into a cloud-based digital service that seamlessly connects shippers with carriers, matching the right loads with the right lorries.

"The marketplace for J.B. Hunt 360 represents our vision of helping carriers and shippers thrive in a digital market, and Azure has helped with that. We're just getting started. There's great potential on the horizon."

Jay Davidson, VP of Engineering and Technology, J.B. Hunt

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