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Mainframe and mid-range migration

Reduce costs by bringing your mid-range and mainframe applications to an agile cloud platform. Ensure success with a reliable and scalable mainframe migration strategy.

Why migrate your mainframe and mid-range workloads to Azure

Modernise with ease and without abandoning the applications that you rely on by running your mid-range and mainframe applications on Azure. Rapidly address your company’s needs at scale using mainframe and mid-range migration tools and services without sacrificing functionality, security or compliance.

Reduce costs and free up your budget to support digital transformation by migrating mainframe and mid-range applications from expensive legacy systems to Azure. Savings include hardware, software and management of these platforms. Save even more when implementing business continuity, disaster recovery or scalable solutions. With Azure, you only pay for consumption, not for the systems required to support these requirements.

As legacy programmers retire, it’s becoming difficult to find talent who know how to use legacy development tools to maintain legacy applications. By moving mainframe and mid-range applications to the cloud and using modern development tools such as Eclipse and Microsoft Visual Studio, you expand the talent pool to new developers who have experience with these tools. These new developers can collaborate with legacy developers to continue evolving legacy applications.

Updating and deploying legacy applications can be accelerated when moving from a legacy waterfall development process to a modern DevOps environment. Instead of waiting six months or more to deploy a major update, incremental, daily updates are deployed to support business requirements.

Legacy applications are limited to running on legacy platforms in the data centre. Use migration tools and services to move these legacy applications to an x86 platform and take advantage of the cloud for running your mission-critical workloads.

Explore mainframe and mid-range migration solution architectures

See how migrating your mainframe and mid-range applications to Azure helps you modernise your systems and save money.

Modernise mainframe and mid-range data

This solution architecture outlines an end-to-end modernisation plan for mainframe and mid-range data sources using Azure data platform components in a data-first approach.

Replicate and sync mainframe data to Azure

This solution architecture outlines an implementation plan for replicating and syncing data during modernisation to Azure.

Migrate Unisys mainframe workloads to Azure

This solution architecture describes the conversion technologies that Microsoft partner Asysco uses to migrate to cloud Unisys mainframe workflows.

Micro Focus Enterprise Server on Azure VMs

This solution is a prescriptive, well-architected example of a Micro Focus Enterprise Server 6.0 VM-based deployment in Azure.

Migrate IBM mainframe applications to Azure with TmaxSoft OpenFrame

This solution architecture illustrates how the TmaxSoft OpenFrame solution runs on Azure.

IBM z/OS mainframe migration with Asysco AMT

This solution describes how Asysco’s Automated Migration Technology (AMT) migrates an IBM z/OS mainframe system to the Azure cloud.

Learn more about Azure products for mainframe application and mid-range migrations

Azure SQL

The family of SQL cloud databases providing mainframe and mid-range class capabilities

Azure confidential computing

Protect your data and code while they’re in use in the cloud

Azure DevOps

A modern developer environment for testing and rapidly deploying application updates

Azure Site Recovery

Replicates systems in support of disaster recovery and availability

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

Deploy mainframe applications in modern container technologies

Azure Service Fabric

Evolve legacy applications to run as a modern platform as a service

Mainframe and mid-range migration news and resources

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Software AG

Learn how Software AG moved Adabas & Natural for a non-profit to Azure without changing the architecture.

Software AG


Learn how Unisys transitioned the North Dakota Job Services mainframe to Azure with no application change required.



Learn how Astadia modernised and migrated the US Air Force Unisys mainframe workload to Azure.

Astadia Inc.

Frequently asked questions

  • Microsoft has extensive experience in Mainframe Transformation. Microsoft has an extended team that supports these migrations and cloud migration strategy. Azure provides technologies to deliver the same level of Reliability, Availability and Serviceability required for Mainframe workloads. Details of our benefits can be found here.
  • For a more detailed overview of mainframe migration, view our mainframe migration page on Docs.
  • To learn more about Unisys Clearpath Software Series for Azure, view our brief here.

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