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Migrating mission-critical workloads to the cloud is a big decision. Learn how the Azure Australia Central Regions have been designed to meet your most demanding requirements and help you modernise on your terms.


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Modernise your mission-critical apps and speed cloud adoption with specially designed security, resiliency, colocation and connectivity capabilities. Microsoft has partnered with Canberra Data Centres to deliver unique cloud regions tailored to the needs of Australian and New Zealand government and critical national infrastructure commercial organisations.

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The Azure Australia Central Regions are designed to support the mission-critical needs of Australian and New Zealand government and critical infrastructure organisations and their suppliers. We recognise critical infrastructure according to the following Australian federal, state and territory government definition:

“Those physical facilities, operations, supply chains, information technologies, and communication networks, which, if destroyed, degraded, or rendered unavailable for an extended period, would significantly impact on the social or economic well-being of the nation or affect capability to maintain continuity in the operation of government, public safety, public health, and the conduct of national defense and national security.”
(Australian government critical infrastructure resilience strategy)

Ten principal sectors of government and critical infrastructure in Australia and New Zealand include:

Banking and finance
Banks and financial and insurance institutions, as well as financial regulatory agencies.
Telecommunications, broadcasting, international submarine cable and postal sectors, along with communications functions from relevant federal, state and territory agencies.
Energy generators, suppliers and distributors. Owners and operators of major Australian water companies, including cleaning, distribution and sanitation.
Owners and operators of infrastructure in the food supply chain, including food processing, distribution and sale.
Facilities and services that support public health, including hospitals, clinics, emergency response and medical supply distribution, as well as public health functions of relevant federal, state and territory agencies.
Owners and operators of airlines, airports, ports, shipping companies, buses, trains, trams, trucking and freight service providers, plus the federal, state and territory agencies managing public transport.
Organisations that provide the essential services to operate space-based systems and technologies, such as satellites.
Federal and state government
Agencies that maintain the continuity and operations of government, including legislative functions, social services, emergency services, central administration and other essential functions of government.
Public safety and order
Federal and state government agencies that perform policing, justice and incarceration.
Defence, national security and intelligence
Federal government agencies responsible for national security, national defence, and domestic and foreign intelligence.

Australian and New Zealand customers in these sectors and their suppliers can request to subscribe within the Azure Australia Central Regions.

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We’re happy to provide more information about available services, security capabilities and controls – and how the Azure Australia Central Regions can address your mission-critical needs.