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Azure makes it easy to build, deploy and scale Node.js apps using the tools that you know and love

Get started with Node.js on Azure

Free Trial: Create a Node.js Web App using one of the popular templates

Launch a ready to run Virtual Machine containing one of the most used Node.js stacks

Try a sample from GitHub: Using Azure Blob Storage from a Node.JS app

Detect, triage and diagnose issues with Application Insights

Build a Node.js web application using DocumentDB, the fully managed/geo-replicable NoSQL database service from Microsoft

Author Dockerfile/docker-compose files with Visual Studio Code

Migrate Docker-based workloads to Azure using familiar open-source tools

Node.js Azure Web and Mobile Apps tutorials

Try the following step by step tutorials to get you familiar with developing, debugging and deploying Node.js-based Azure Web or Mobile Apps

Getting started with Node.js web apps in Azure App Service

Develop Mobile Backends with Node.js and Azure App Service

Debugging a Node.js web app in Azure App Service

Deploying a Sails.js web app to Azure App Service

Creating a Node.js chat application with Socket.IO in Azure App Service


Azure subscription | Azure CLI (download, connect to subscription)

Azure SDK for Node.js

Using and managing your Azure resources with Node.js

Get the SDK from npm:
npm install azure
Get the source from GitHub:
git clone
cd azure-sdk-for-node
npm install

Develop and deploy Node.js apps on Azure

Visual Studio Code

Lightweight, cross-platform OSS editor, featuring full-stack JavaScript debugging, code-completions and more:

Azure Developer CLI

Manage your Azure account using the developer-friendly, cross-platform CLI

Node.js Tools for Visual Studio

Windows: free, open-source extension that turns Visual Studio into a powerful Node.js IDE:


Featured preconfigured Node.js stacks on Azure


One-click install VM for Node.js


Complete development environment for mongoDB and Node.js, by Bitnami

Complete development environment for mongoDB and Node.js, by Mean.Io


100% compatible Node.js runtime for enterprise-grade applications


Storage – Blob
Storage – Table
Storage – Queue
Notification Hubs
Service Bus Queues
Service Bus Topics


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