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Deploying Content Management Systems in seconds

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Azure Websites is the best place to run your Content Management System (CMS) with a set of enterprise-class features that allow you to develop, deploy and scale with confidence and ease. With Azure Websites, not only can you deploy a site in less than 70 seconds, you can then scale it to multiple instances, configure high availability, deploy across multiple regions with Microsoft Azure Traffic Manager and even automate backup and restore, and schedule regular maintenance jobs to optimise your performance.

Other high-end features that makes Azure a leading platform for your CMS are multiple deployment slots, which allow you to validate site changes before publishing and integration with Azure’s Content Delivery Network (CDN). In addition, Azure’s fine-grained monitoring tools lets you keep a close eye on your site’s performance and react to any issues in real time.



If you want your site to be one of over 60 million websites using WordPress, you have come to the right place! With Azure Websites, you can take WordPress to the next level.

On Azure, WordPress site owners benefit from a strong set of storage options. You can use one of the highly available MySQL SKUs from ClearDB or implement Azure Storage and SQL databases with the applicable WordPress plug-ins, thus leveraging your other Azure assets.

Creating a WordPress Site

Getting started with WordPress

Updating WordPress version

How to run WordPress site on Azure Websites

Enterprise-class WordPress on Azure Websites

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Thousands of people download Umbraco every day, making it one of the best-known and most popular CMS systems in the world. Using Umbraco with Azure Websites makes a lot of sense, as it allows you to take advantage of Azure’s high-end features.

Upgrading Umbraco version

Troubleshooting FAQ

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One out of every 50 sites in the world runs on Drupal, and if that’s on your radar, you’ve come to the right place. Running Drupal on Azure Websites is not only easy, but also extremely robust, as you can scale across multiple instances and across the globe and spend your time on your content rather than on administrative legwork.

Getting started with Drupal

Best Practices for Drupal CMS on Azure Websites

Extending Drupal

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Create Websites (SQL)

Create Websites (MySQL)



Millions of users can’t be wrong in choosing Joomla for their content management, and if you want to join them, there’s no better home for this than Azure Websites.

On Azure, running a Joomla-based site is all about the content and not about struggling with the infrastructure. Build a solid system that scales across the globe and stands up to network hiccoughs without missing a beat. Then, forget about it and focus on what matters – your content.

Create a Joomla website using Azure websites

Getting started with Joomla

Joomla: Tips and Tricks

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Solidly built in ASP.NET, Orchard has been the premium choice CMS solution for many. Looking to be one too? Look no further than Azure Websites.

Azure has what it takes to take the reins and help you design and deploy an enterprise-class solution. You can easily build replicas of your content in data centres all over the world and configure to automatically scale on demand for a fast, robust and economic solution that lets you spend your time developing your code instead of fiddling with hard drives and backup plans.

Getting started with Orchard CMS

Using Orchard CMS with Azure storage

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Bringing together the world of content and commerce has made NopCommerce a universal choice for small to medium-sized businesses, and with Azure Websites, it can help your business thrive as well. Having a stable and robust system is a must for any business, and using Azure, you can tick that off your list easily. Azure lets you back up and restore your content, set up multiple copies in different regions and configure auto-scaling that can help deal with seasonal changes to shopping habits. Have a look, and put the days of worrying about operating system patches and network management behind you.

Getting started with NopCommerce

NopCommerce Features

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DNN Platform

DNN (DotNetNuke) is used by millions worldwide for their content management, and you too can enjoy the benefits it offers combined with the high availability and scalability offered by Azure Websites. Running DNN on Azure Websites is a perfect match as it allows you to deal with what’s important – your content. Let Azure’s world-class PaaS deal with the network, infrastructure and maintenance while you sleep soundly at night knowing everything is ticking along. You can even deploy your site to multiple regions to eliminate any failure points and reach international customers faster.

Create a DNN Platform Website using Azure websites

Getting started with DNN Platform

Launching a DNN Microsoft Azure Website

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The Azure Marketplace includes many other leading CMS that are available to install and scale easily. To see a full list, see the Microsoft Azure portal.

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