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    Usage of BT-560 tool measuring machine

    BT-560 tool analyzer adopting the world's most advanced and reliable floor-standing host structure, imported full-digital AC servo speed control system and motor, imported load sensors, and fully digitally-designed measurement and control system, it can realize high-precision, wide-range measurement, and three-closed-loop control.China BT-560 tool analyzer uses high-precision converters, imported high-quality electronic components, and is fully digitally designed. It conforms to the PCL2.1 specification and automatically allocates resources for plug and play. Integrated dual-channel precision amplifier with automatic zero detection. Built-in large-scale CPLD programmable logic chip, high-speed computing, real-time processing. CNC adjustment and calibration, providing SingAD software interface.BT-560 tool measuring machine uses a modular design. There are various control methods such as displacement, force, deformation (or stress, strain), metal stretching, etc. You can also use the program editor that comes with the software to compile your own multi-step control program. The test data is automatically analyzed and processed according to the corresponding standards, and tensile strength, yield strength, elastic modulus, and non-proportional extensional strength RP0.2 can be obtained. The batch program in the software package can count and compare the results and curves of a batch of test pieces. The experimental data adopts database management and provides user-defined items to meet specific needs. Flexible report editing methods (including Word, Excel, and advanced customization) allow you to print out satisfactory reports. Summary of BT-560 tool analyzerBT-560 tool analyzer is a new material testing machine that combined with the electronic technology and mechanical transmission, it has accurate load speed, range of force measurement, Has high accuracy and sensitivity for the load, displacement measurement, and control, it also can be tested the constant-velocity loading, constant- velocity displacement. This machine is simple to operate, especially suitable for controlling quality in the production line, This series of machine is mainly applied to test the non-metallic and metallic materials which the load is less than 30ton.Usage of BT-560 tool measuring machineBT-560 tool measuring machine is designed for quick and reliable tensile, compression, bending, shear, peel, loop tack, and fatigue cycling on metals, tape, composites, alloys, rigid plastics and films, elastomers, textiles, paper, board, and finished products.Description of BT-560 measuring the insert toolA. Using the computer as the main control machine plus the special testing software of our company can conduct all of the testing parameters, work state, collecting data&analysis, result in display and printing output.B. BT-560 measuring the insert tool having steady performance, high accuracy, a powerful software function, and easy operation.C. Using the USA high-precision load cell. Machine accuracy is ±0.5%.

    are clearer on which email has access to purchase the Developer support

    It was to large confusion who could by the Developer support package. I tried, and my manager tried, but none bought the correct package. In the end we managed, on the third attempt. You should have provided better details into which email address had access to buy the correct license. It would have saved a lot of time and frustration.

    Allow linking of Event Hub Schema Registry to Git Repo

    We would like to potentially add multiple schemas to the registry, while also keeping a version controlled copy inside our company git repo. The git repo would allow personnel to make changes before we push the changes to the cloud into the registry.

    Single blade to display all Intune MAM devices

    Not able to easily differentiate or find device types, etcLack single blade to display Intune MAM (dbMobile Personal) devices (Workaround isat Endpoint, select Users > [users] > Devices > View All Devices. It then displays both MDM and MAM devices

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