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    Azure NSG blocking VPN routed traffic

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    • azure
    • network-security-group

    How to check Azure VM IIS Heatbeat

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    pipeline logs notoriously difficult to navigate

    logs on pipeline build progress/failures are available in separate overlay windows (white on black). typically the are rather long and the action is usually on the bottom. impossible to navigate on an ipad, very hard in a regular browser. a button to go to the bottom would be helpful.

    Azure AD Conditional Access - Option to exclude all the guest and external users from the policy

    We are able to see there is an option to exclude the guest and external user from the conditional policy but it is in preview state. Since it is in preview, we can't use it in production environment. So request you to let know the release date for this feature.


    In the eDiscovery of the Protection Center from O365, there is no way to allow an user to search in a specific case but restrict this user to search in any email database. The idea here is to restrict an user that will investigate a specific case to add new custodians to this case. So this user (investigator) will only be able to search in the custodians' email database previous set up by other user which should have the role to add custodians to the case.

    Azure problem with website.

    In web portal. There is an issue with storageaccounts. It is not possible to create new storage accounts. It is not possible to list and view queues/tables. Only Blobs can be listed and interacted with in web portal. Below error, server 500 comes otherwise. Summary Session ID c3ae823047f94bad8f5ab646ffe4155b Resource ID Not available Extension Microsoft_Azure_Storage Content QueueServiceBlade Error code 500

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