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    Change route-based VPN to a policy-based VPN

    Forum: Azure Networking (DNS, Traffic Manager, VPN, VNET)

    ASR Capacity Planner Tool

    Forum: Microsoft Azure Site Recovery

    Stack Overflow

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    Azure ARM templates - Stream Analytics identity.principalId as output

    • azure
    • arm
    • azure-resource-manager
    • arm-template
    • azure-stream-analytics

    Iframe in Azure Webb

    • azure
    • iframe
    • azure-web-app-service
    • iframe-app
    • frameset-iframe


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    Har du idéer eller forslag baseret på din oplevelse med Azure?

    azure arc kubernetes gitops support for kustomization

    azure arc kubernetes gitops support for kustomization

    Limit Azure Preview services to our Production Users

    Running a production environment, we don’t want users to be able to run anything that is in preview. That can be a preview service, preview option, preview enhancement. Basically anything that MS has marked as Preview. Maybe there is a way to prevent it at the portal level or another way besides a policy?

    Packet Capture For Azure SLB Using PowerShell or CLI

    Visibility of packet capture on Azure SLB for both internal and external as well as for both SKU is a need. We would like to have packet level or at least session level captures. This will help us to see if a session is maintained or made by the Azure Load Balancer as soon as a traffic is initiated.This feature can also help us in understanding Azure Load Balancer on how the packet is being modified when we apply a NAT or Load Balancing Rule.So far the feature available for Azure SLB are good but this packet capture feature can add an edge on troubleshooting purposes.

    DevOps self-hosted agent containers - allow service principal

    Currently the self-hosted agent containers only allow for a personal access token. It would be great if we can use a service principal instead so these self-hosted agents aren't directly tied to any one individual.

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