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    Unable to delete subnet

    Forum: Azure Networking (DNS, Traffic Manager, VPN, VNET)

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    Har du idéer eller forslag baseret på din oplevelse med Azure?

    Allow undo/destroy option for blueprint assignation

    Terraform provides the terraform destroy functionality where it tracks what it had created and allows this to easily be removed. Please could you add this functionality to blueprints to allow for easy rollback and cleanup

    Enable Speech SDK for ARM and Raspberry PI

    Would love to see the Azure Speech SDK work on Raspbian on an ARM based Raspberry Pi. With amazing hardware like:, it is a challenge to only support x64 for Linux.

    False Positive On Content-Type: application/csp-report

    WAF Rule 920420 blocks content-type application/csp-report on request generated by the browser when a CSP violation occur. Any plan to fix this issue?

    create a Role that allows for propagation of permissions to resource groups that Azure creates on a user's behalf.

    My Subscription Owner delegates permissions to me at the Resource Group level. A Resource Group was created for me, and I can create resources within that RG. However, when I create an AKS cluster, the cluster creates a new resource group and puts its related resources in that RG. I cannot see any of those resources, even though they were created by me (I created the AKS cluster). This prevents me from doing things like backing up the Azure Disks that back the Persistent Volume Claims in the cluster (because I can't see the disks).

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