API Apps icon removed from Azure Marketplace Web category in the Azure Portal

Posted on 28 June 2019

The API Apps icon in the Web category of the Azure Marketplace has been removed from the Azure Portal.  As API Apps and Web Apps have the same functionality, the API Apps icon has been removed. 

It is recommended that customers who previously clicked through the create experience using the API Apps icon should instead use the Web App icon.  However, customers can still access the old API App creation experience by searching for “API App” in the Search the Marketplace textbox at the top of the “Create a Resource” portal UX. 

Once a web app has been created, customers can still customise API-specific functionality for their app using the “API definition” and “CORS” options that are under the “API” menu category in the portal.  CORS functionality can also be configured via the CLI as shown in this document.

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