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Generally available: New node sizing for Azure VMware Solution

Published date: November 08, 2022

Start leveraging Azure VMware Solution (AVS) across two new node sizes with the general availability of AV36P and AV52 in AVS. With these new node sizes in AVS, organizations can optimize their workloads for memory and storage with AV36P and AV52. The current regional availability is listed below. 

  • AV36P is live in: East US, North Central US, and Australia East.
  • AV52 is live in UK South, West Europe, and will be coming next to the East US 2 region.

These gains in performance enable organizations to do more per server, break storage bottlenecks, and lower transaction costs of latency-sensitive workloads. The availability of both these new nodes allows large latency-sensitive applications to be hosted efficiently on the AVS infrastructure. 

For pricing and region availability, refer to the pricing page and the product by region page

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