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Generally Available: Azure Cosmos DB burst capacity

Published date: May 23, 2023

Azure Cosmos DB burst capacity is now generally available. Burst capacity allows you to take advantage of your database or container's idle throughput capacity to handle temporary, future spikes of traffic. As a result, requests that would have otherwise been rate limited due to insufficient RU/s can now be served with burst capacity while it's available, improving performance.

 With burst capacity, each physical partition in a database or container can accumulate up to 5 minutes of idle capacity, which can be consumed at a rate up to 3000 RU/s when available. Burst capacity is applicable to NoSQL API, API for MongoDB, Gremlin, Table, and Cassandra API and applies to databases and containers that use provisioned throughput (manual or autoscale throughput) and have less than 3000 RU/s provisioned per physical partition. Usage of burst capacity is subject to system resource availability. 

To get started, enable burst capacity from the Features blade in your Azure Cosmos DB account. 

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