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Comma-delimited (.csv) reports for new Azure consumption and charges APIs now available

Published date: August 15, 2018

Originally published November 8, 2017

The Usage Detail API offers a daily breakdown of consumed quantities and estimated charges by enrollment, and the report includes information about instances, meters, and departments. The API can be queried by billing period or by specified start and end dates.

In response to customer feedback requesting a comma-delimited (.csv) option for downloading and consuming usage and spend data, .csv support for the Usage Detail API is now available. You can download .csv files with Azure usage details and charges with the ability to filter by date range or billing period. Learn more about the new reporting APIs on the overview webpage or download the API Reports help file.

If you’re looking to explore your usage data but you’re not comfortable using the APIs, the Microsoft Azure Consumption Insights content pack lets Azure Enterprise Agreement (EA) customers using Power BI pull usage data for 36 months and filter the response of the API to custom date ranges. Learn more about the content pack.

Previous REST APIs and the EA content pack, supported by the Enterprise Portal, will remain available until October 31, 2018.

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