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Azure SQL Database default configuration changing soon

Published date: June 12, 2019

To ensure optimal service performance, we periodically update the service’s underlying hardware to the latest generation.  With the latest Gen 5 hardware in place, we are making a change to the default database configuration and the default elastic pool configuration for all new Azure SQL databases. Starting May 31, 2019, the default configuration will be a General Purpose 2 vCore database or elastic pool provisioned on Gen 5 hardware.  If a region has limited availability of Gen 5 hardware, the default configuration will use Gen 4. This will be a rolling change, with expected completion by June 24, 2019. 

This change enables each new database or elastic pool to manage compute and storage resources independently and to have access to additional cost benefits such as Azure Hybrid Benefit, reserved capacity and dev/test pricing.  Learn more about the vCore-based model and pricing.

If you prefer to continue using the DTU-based pricing model, be sure to select DTU options from within Azure portal or via scripts. If you rely upon scripts to automate the creation of new databases, update your scripts to create the database with your preferred DTU options.  See our documentation for sample scripts: T-SQL, CLI, PowerShell.

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