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Azure Service Fabric 7.0 fourth refresh release is now rolling out

Published date: March 13, 2020

The Azure Service Fabric 7.0 fourth refresh release, which includes bug fixes and performance enhancements for standalone and Azure environments, has started rolling out to various Azure regions. The updates for .NET SDK, Java SDK, and Service Fabric Runtime will be available within 7 to 10 days in all regions through Web Platform Installer, NuGet packages, and Maven repositories.

  • Service Fabric Runtime
    • Windows—7.0.470.9590
    • Ubuntu—7.0.469.1 
    • Service Fabric for Windows Server Service Fabric standalone installer package—7.0.470.9590
  • .NET SDK
    • Windows .NET SDK—4.0.470
    • Microsoft.Service Fabric—7.0.470 
    • Reliable Services and Reliable Actors—4.0.470
    • ASP.NET Core Service Fabric integration—4.0.470
  • Java SDK—1.0.5

Key announcements

  • Breaking change—Service Fabric clusters that have no thumbprint set up for the primary account must upgrade to the 7.0 third refresh release version (Windows—7.0.466.9590, Linux—7.0.465.1) prior to upgrading to the newer version. For more details, please read the release notes.
  • Standalone cluster—We've addressed a lot of issues in this release to improve cluster lifecycle management for on-premises Service Fabric clusters.

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