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Azure DevTest Labs: Configure a shared image gallery in your lab

Published date: June 04, 2019

DevTest Labs now supports the Shared Image Gallery feature. It enables lab users to access images from a shared location while creating lab resources. It also helps you build structure and organization around your custom-managed VM images. Shared Image Gallery feature supports:

  • Managed global replication of images
  • Versioning and grouping of images for easier management
  • Make your images highly available with Zone Redundant Storage (ZRS) accounts in regions that support availability zones. ZRS offers better resilience against zonal failures.
  • Sharing across subscriptions, and even between tenants, using role-based access control (RBAC).

If you have a large number of managed images that you need to maintain and would like to make them available throughout your company, you can use a shared image gallery as a repository that makes it easy to update and share your images. As a lab owner, you can attach an existing shared image gallery to your lab. Once this gallery is attached, lab users can create machines from these latest images. A key benefit of this feature is that DevTest Labs can now take the advantage of sharing images across labs, across subscriptions, and across regions.

To learn more about this feature go to Configure a shared image gallery in Azure DevTest Labs

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