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Additional workload insights for advanced performance tuning with SQL Data Warehouse

Published date: November 12, 2018

Azure SQL Data Warehouse provides a built-in holistic management experience by having a tight integration within the Microsoft Azure ecosystem, specifically Azure Advisor and Azure Monitor. These two services are immediately configured by default for SQL Data Warehouse to automatically deliver you workload insights at no additional cost. We have now enhanced this experience. 

In this release, there are additional performance recommendations through Azure Advisor at your disposal, including:

  • Adaptive cache: Be advised when to scale to optimize cache utilization.
  • Table distribution: Determine when to replicate tables to reduce data movement and increase workload performance. 
  • Tempdb: Understand when to scale and configure resource classes to reduce tempdb contention.
There is a deeper integration of data warehouse metrics with Azure Monitor, including an enhanced customizable monitoring chart for near real-time metrics in the overview blade. You no longer must leave the data warehouse overview blade to access Azure Monitor metrics when monitoring usage, or validating and applying data warehouse recommendations. In addition, there are new metrics available, such as tempdb and adaptive cache utilization, to complement your performance recommendations.
For more information about advanced performance tuning for SQL Data Warehouse, see the full blog post.
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