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Azure IoT Connector for FHIR now in preview

Published date: July 21, 2020

Azure IoT Connector for FHIR (IoT Connector), a feature of Azure API for FHIR, is now available for preview in Australia East, East US, East US 2, North Central US, North Europe, South Central US, Southeast Asia, UK South, UK West, West Europe, and West US 2 regions.

This feature provides the capability to ingest data from Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) devices—a category of IoT devices that capture and exchange health data with other healthcare IT systems over the internet, such as fitness and clinical wearables, monitoring sensors, activity trackers, and point-of-care kiosks.

IoT Connector enables a new set of scenarios like remote patient monitoring, telehealth, clinical trials, and smart hospitals by bringing PHI data from devices into Azure API for FHIR, which can be used along with other clinical data to enable newer insights and clinical workflows. It can accept JSON-based messages from IoMT devices, use mapping templates to transform device data into a FHIR standard resource, and finally persist the resource into Azure API for FHIR. Use it seamlessly with Azure IoT Central, Azure IoT Hub, and other IoT cloud gateways.

Learn more about IoT Connector.

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