Azure Resiliency

Build with confidence on Azure with high availability, disaster recovery, and backup

Azure Availability Zones

  • Run highly available applications using Availability Zones with an uptime SLA* of 99.99% for Virtual Machines at General Availability.
  • Regions with Availability Zones feature a minimum of three zones. Each zone contains one or more datacenters for isolation.
  • Availability Zones are physically isolated with independent network, power, and cooling, protecting your applications and data from unusual data center-level failures.
  • For added Disaster Recovery protection within your data residency boundaries, leverage the global scale of Azure regions.

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* 99.99% SLA applies to Virtual Machines that are deployed in two or more Availability Zones in the same region.


Cloud-based High Availability on Azure does not require investments in on-premises hardware. Gain an understanding of the characteristics of a highly available cloud including availability, scalability, and fault tolerance. Review the High Availability checklist to make sure you are protecting your organization’s uptime.


依據您的商務持續性計劃設計,您在 Azure 上執行的應用程式必須具備全方位的災難復原能力。我們的災難復原解決方案安全實惠,可確保應用程式的可用性,即使發生災害,也能不受影響。


利用成本低廉的備份,協助避免錯誤的程式碼、資料損毀及意外刪除。保留期長並能持續符合規範;利用異地複寫的儲存體維持穩定性;運用自動化 (而不是磁帶) 簡化您的程序。


使用 Azure 的入口網站或 API 可以加快復原的速度。下列最佳做法指引可協助您避免許多可能影響應用程式運行時間的威脅。了解應用程式設計、部署與維護、資料管理、錯誤與失敗,以及其他更多資訊。