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Self-serve experience with Event Hubs Preview

Published date: May 04, 2019

Azure Event Hubs clusters can now be directly created through the Azure Portal as a self-serve experience. This single-tenant offering has a guaranteed 99.99% SLA and is available only on our Dedicated pricing tier. Creating a cluster to contain your event hubs offers the following benefits:

  • Single tenant hosting for better performance with guaranteed capacity at full scale, enabling ingress of gigabytes of streaming data at millions of events per second while maintaining fully durable storage and sub-second latency.
  • Capture feature included at no additional cost, which allows you to effortlessly batch and deliver your events to Azure Storage or Azure Data Lake.
  • Significant savings on your Event Hubs cloud costs with fixed hourly billing while scaling your infrastructure with Dedicated Event Hubs.
  • No maintenance since the cluster manages load balance, OS updates, security patches and partitioning for you, so you can spend less time on infrastructure maintenance and more time building client-side features
  • Exclusive access to upcoming features like bring your own key (BYOK).

In the self-serve Portal experience (preview), you can create 1 CU clusters in select strategic regions through the Azure Portal. Larger clusters of up to 20 CUs or in other regions will also be available upon direct request to the Event Hubs team. For more information on Event Hubs clusters in our Dedicated offering, please visit the Azure Event Hubs Dedicated documentation webpage.

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