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Public preview: Introducing new Durable Functions storage provider options

Published date: May 26, 2021

Durable Functions uses Azure Storage as its default storage provider. The Azure Storage provider is generally available, requires no setup, and offers a consumption-based pricing model that works well with many workloads. Durable Functions now supports two additional storage providers in public preview – Netherite and Microsoft SQL Server.

The Netherite storage provider was developed by Microsoft Research and is powered by Azure Event Hubs and Azure Page Blobs. It uses the FASTER database technology from Microsoft Research. The Netherite provider supports significantly higher throughput than the other Durable Functions storage providers while also being more cost-effective for high-throughput workloads.

The Microsoft SQL Server provider allows Durable Functions to run anywhere SQL Server is available, including in Azure, on-premises environments, and Kubernetes. It enables organizations to leverage existing investments in SQL Server, including management expertise and strategies for backup/restore, failover, encryption, and compliance.

To learn more, see the Durable Functions storage providers documentation and blog post

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