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Public preview: Azure Application Gateway for Containers

Published date: July 24, 2023

We are announcing Azure Application Gateway for Containers as a new SKU to the Application Gateway family.  Application Gateway for Containers is the next evolution of Application Gateway + Application Gateway Ingress Controller (AGIC), providing application (layer 7) load balancing and dynamic traffic management capabilities for workloads running in a Kubernetes cluster.

Application Gateway for Containers introduces the following improvements over AGIC:

  • Performance: Achieve near-to-real-time convergence times to reflect add/remove of pods, routes, probes, and other load balancing configuration within Kubernetes yaml configuration.
  • Scale: Push boundaries past current AGIC limits, exceeding 1400 backend pods and 100 listeners with Application Gateway for Containers.
  • Deployment: Enable a familiar deployment of ARM resources via ARM, PowerShell, CLI, Bicep, and Terraform or define all configuration within Kubernetes and have Application Gateway for Containers manage the rest in Azure!
  • Gateway API support: The next evolution in defining Kubernetes service networking through expressive, extensible, and role-oriented interfaces.
  • Weighted / Split traffic distribution: Enable blue-green deployment strategies and active / active or active / passive routing.

Learn more about these new capabilities.

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