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Introducing the new Azure Monitor Log Analytics table pane (Schema)

Published date: February 10, 2020

Azure Monitor Log Analytics schema allows you to easily understand our data structure and navigate Log Analytics to reach the content you need.

We have revolutionized the schema area of Log Analytics to allow you to get where you need faster, easier and with less friction.

Introducing the new Log Analytics tables sidebar:

Neat clear and easier experience:

The new tables sidebar has a more modern look and is  cleaner and  more in tune with Azure look and feel.

The new experience also takes accessibility into account, and supports accessibility for users who needs it:

Picture 01 General sidebar view

New features like favorite a table allows quicker and easier interactions with your logs.


The new Log Analytics schema pane is contextual, tables in the schema are shown according to the scope you are in.

For example, when exploring a Virtual Machine , you will see only tables relating to Virtual Machines:

Picture 02 single resource scope

When looking at a scope of resources, subscription for example, all relevant resources are shown:

Picture 03 scope of resources


Tables and columns have metadata to allow you to find what you need, with ease.

Tables now have a short description, so it’s easier to understand the table’s purpose.

All tables are now tagged with additional information – resource type, category and solution:

Picture 04 metadata popup

Columns are also improved with a clear type indication:

Picture 05 column type indication


A new and improved preview pane provides insight into a table’s content and additional information and metadata:

Picture 06 preview pane 

Find what you need, fast:

Finding what you need fast is one of the most critical aspects of our new tables pane.

Our new tables pane allows you to search your table names, columns and descriptions for your data – to quickly reach what you need.

The new tables pane also allows re-grouping tables according to resource type, category or solution – so you can see your data the way you want to see it:

Picture 07 group by

Finally, the new table experience allows you to filter items – so you can zoom in on the things that you need:

Picture 08 filter

All those features work in tandem to allow you to get the most value out of Log Analytics, fast.

Functions and custom tables

Functions and custom logs will still have a representation in our new Tables sidebar:

Picture 09 functions and custom logs

Finding what you need fast is one of the most critical aspects of our new tables pane.


The new tables experience is a huge release containing a lot of new features, we hope you like this new enhancement to Log Analytics.

New tables experience is available in Azure Log Analytics today for workspaces, Subscriptions, Resource groups and specific resources.


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