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General availability: Reserved namespaces for subdomains

Data de publicação: 22 março, 2023

Azure Traffic Manager has added functionality for reserving domain labels for traffic manager profiles. Any customer requesting a traffic manger profile of the form label1.trafficmanager.net will have “label1” label reserved for the tenant and another user will not be able to create a new traffic manager profile with this name or subdomains below it. For example if a user creates a profile names label1.trafficmanager.net then “label1” and all labels of form  “<labelN>….<lable2>.<label1>.trafficmanager.net" will be reserved for the subscription.

 With these enhancements, once a namespace is created by a customer under trafficmanager.net domain, it will not be available for any other tenant. This enhancement ensures that customers have full control over the labels tree used in their traffic manager profiles and enables customers better manage their namespace without having to worry about a specific name/label being in use by other tenants.

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