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Generally available Azure Ebsv5 now available in 13 additional regions

Published date: May 25, 2022

Today, we are expanding the availability of the Ebsv5 VM series to 13 more regions. The Ebsv5 and Ebdsv5 VMs, a new addition to the Ev5 Azure Virtual Machine family, offer up to 120,000 IOPS and 4,000MBps of remote disk storage throughput. They also include up to 512 GiB of RAM and local SSD storage (maximum 2,400 GiB). This new VM series provides up to three times an increase in remote storage performance compared to previous VM generations and helps consolidate existing workloads on fewer VMs or smaller VM sizes to achieve potential cost savings. 

With this expansion, the Ebsv5 and Ebdsv5 series are now available in the following Azure regions: South Africa North, France Central, Central India, Korea Central, Germany West Central, UK West, South India, Canada East, Australia Central, Japan West, Switzerland North, Norway East, UAE North.

To check out all the available regions, please visit Microsoft Azure Products by Region.

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