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Public Preview: Isovalent Cilium Enterprise through Azure Marketplace

Published date: April 18, 2023

Isovalent Cilium Enterprise platform is now available through Azure Marketplace. With this offering, Isovalent Cilium Enterprise can be deployed on Azure with just a few clicks from the Azure Marketplace. You can either create a new Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster orseamless upgrade an existing AKS cluster running Azure CNI powered by Cilium with Isovalent Cilium Enterprise package. There is zero datapath downtime while upgrading Cilium OSS -> Cilium Enterprise via Azure Marketplace. In addition Azure Marketplace provides unified billing experience and an integrated experience for your Isovalent Cilium Enterprise usage while ensuring minimal management overhead for customers in maintaining the upgrades. The tight integration into the Azure platform simplifies operations by enabling auto-upgrades for minor versions. Try it out today on the Azure Marketplace.

To learn more on Isovalent Cilium Enterprise Features, read Isovalent Blog Post and Isovalent Cilium Enterrpise Product Page


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