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Upcoming changes to JSON flattening and storage for new Azure Time Series Insights deployments

Published date: July 07, 2020

We are making changes to how JSON telemetry events are flattened and stored in Azure Time Series Insights. These changes will apply to new pay-as-you-go environments only, and will go into effect on the 10th of July. If you have a Standard (S) SKU environment, these changes do not apply to you. The new ingestion rules may impact you if you have any of the following in your JSON payload:

  • Arrays
  • Nested objects
  • The special characters ' . [ or \

Required Action

If the listed conditions apply to you, and you automate deployment or Time Series Model authoring, read about the new ingestion rules and make any required changes.

If you have any questions, submit a support request via the Azure portal or ask a question on Microsoft Q&A.

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