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Azure Logic Apps updates for July and August 2019

Published date: September 22, 2019

Here are the release updates for Azure Logic Apps for July and August 2019. These include major feature updates and announcements.

New features 

Added support for secure inputs and outputs through obfuscation.

For Integration Service Environment, we have released DEV SKU and added:

  1. Support for inline code.
  2. Support for internal access endpoint.
  3. Fixed IP addresses for the connector deployment endpoint.

Azure on-premises data gateway can now be used across subscriptions when creating connections to your on-premises applications such as SAP/SQL.

Trigger condition can now be provided in designer through action menu.

Show request history panel for cancelled Webhook actions.

Designer support for portal themes.

Updates to SAP connector include support added for:

  1. Explicit IDOC confirmation.
  2. BAPI commit.
  3. Call one or more BAPIs in a stateful session.
  4. Published guidance and template to receive and process packets of IDOC.

Announced deprecation dates for SAP older connectors (SAP Application Server and SAP Message Server). The connectors are scheduled to retire on November 30, 2019.

Connectors that became generally available 

  • Azure Key Vault
  • SQL Datawarehouse
  • Adobe Sign
  • Encodian Document Manager

New connectors

  • Azure Security Center Alert
  • Azure Security Center Assessment
  • Cognitive Services Forms Recognizer
  • Serverless360
  • OneBlink
  • Live Tiles Bots
  • Projectum
  • Soft1
  • Agilite
  • Cloud Mersive
  • Airslate
  • Mtarget
  • Share Effect
  • TallyFy
  • Logic Apps
  • Features

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