Azure DevTest Labs: Create claimable lab VMs in a pool

15 de dezembro de 2016

Azure DevTest Labs now supports claimable lab VMs. Lab admins can prepare VMs and put them in a shared pool, and lab users can pick a working VM from the pool whenever they need one. In test scenarios, claimable VMs that are installed with the latest bits for testing can be generated automatically from the release pipeline. Developers and testers can then start using the latest bits for further testing or validation without waiting for VM provisioning. Claimable VMs also make it easier for trainers/teachers to get VMs ready before a class.

To create a claimable VM, you select Yes under Claim options in the advanced settings when you're creating a VM from the Azure portal. If you deploy lab VMs through Azure Resource Manager templates, you can create a claimable VM by setting the allowClaim property to true in the properties section.

Create a claimable VM

After a claimable VM is created, it appears in the Claimable virtual machines list at the bottom of the lab's Overview blade.

Claimable virtual machines list in Overview blade

Lab users can also browse all the claimable VMs by clicking Claimable virtual machines from the lab's resource menu.

Claimable virtual machines list in resource menu

Note that lab policies still apply for claimable VMs. For example, the claim option will be disabled if you've reached the maximum number of VMs allowed in the lab.

Please try it today and let us know what you think about it! If you have an idea for how to make it work better, submit your feedback (or vote for others) at the Azure DevTest Labs feedback forum.

Have a question? Check out answers or ask a new question at the MSDN Community forum.

To get the latest information on the service releases or our thoughts on DevTest Labs, check out the Azure DevTest Labs team blog and subscribe to our service updates.

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