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    have the ability to use more than one asg in an nsg rule (separated with , for example)

    let's say that i have 2 apps that i want to be able to access any endpoint. APP A containing these servers:, and APP B:,10.0.05 my nsg rule will use :,,,10.0.05 if i`m moving to work with asg i want the ability to add both app a and app b together in the same nsg rule. will it be supported?

    Ability to use Azure tags as source and/or destination in the Azure firewall

    Some NVA vendors are providing this ability already and it is very useful.

    Add check box option to exclude guest users from enrolling for MFA in Azure AD Identity Protection

    We want the option to exclude guest users from MFA. There is a check box option in Conditional Access to exclude Guest users from a policy, but not in MFA registration within Azure AD Identity Protection. Therefore guest users are still prompted to enroll for MFA (but excluded from MFA actions). As a workaround we have to create a group (i.e. 'All users'), add all AD users in to that group, and choose to include that group only for MFA registration.

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