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Native PowerShell support available in Azure Automation source control

Published date: October 08, 2015
Azure Automation source control allows you to link the runbooks in your Automation accounts to your GitHub source control repository. You can check-in code you're writing in Azure Automation, and then sync what’s in source control to Azure Automation.Azure Automation source control now supports syncing native PowerShell scripts from your source control repository to your Automation account (in addition to PowerShell workflows).Previously, when PowerShell scripts were synced with Azure Automation, they automatically were converted to PowerShell Workflow runbooks.  If you have already synced any native PowerShell scripts to your Automation account, you must delete the old runbooks before resyncing your repository to your Automation account.To learn more about how to use Azure Automation source control, see  this blog post: Source Control Integration in Azure Automation.
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