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GPU and HPC VM Price Promotion now available

Published date: May 23, 2019

We are announcing newly discounted promotional pricing for the NCv1, NVv1, and Hv1-series VM families.  You can take advantage of this new pricing through our new promo VMs—just look for those with “promo” in the name. These promo VMs use the same hardware as the non-promo VMs, just at a lower price. 

Any of your current deployments on non-promo VMs will not be impacted, but the discount is only available on the promo VMs, which you can deploy to at your convenience.

These new promo prices include a 56% discount for NCv1-series and 40% for Hv1 and NVv1-series on these VM series, optimized for your GPU and high performance compute workloads. These new rates will be available for customers from May 14th, 2019 to November 1st, 2019, depending on the region.

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