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Get community-driven Docker images for Web App for Containers

Published date: March 27, 2018

On GitHub, you can now find community-driven Docker images to try out on Web App for Containers. These images follow best practices for Web App for Containers. They contain SSH for debugging purposes. 

You can find Docker images in Docker Hub. Here’s the end-to-end process for contributing to the GitHub repository:

When you contribute a new Docker image, your responsibilities as the image owner include: 

  • Review issues reported for the image on GitHub. 
  • Fix and resolve bugs or compliance issues with the image. 
  • Keep the image up to date. 

You can remove Docker images from Docker Hub and the GitHub repository in either of these cases: 

  • You no longer want to support or maintain the image. Contact to remove it. 
  • If the image is outdated, or if it has bugs that are unresolved for more than three months, the image will be removed. 

You can report an issue by using this template.

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