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Public Preview: Azure Storage Actions — Serverless storage data management

Published date: February 20, 2024

Azure Storage Actions is a fully managed platform that helps you to automate data management operations for Azure Blob Storage and Azure Data Lake Storage. Combining serverless infrastructure with a no-code experience, Azure Storage Actions offers a high-performance, cost-effective, and reliable solution that automatically scales to your data management needs.

Azure Storage Actions transforms the way you manage vast data assets in your object storage and data lakes with a faster time to value. It helps you compose, validate and deploy data management tasks for your storage accounts in minutes. The Azure portal experience enables you to easily define and deploy tasks that periodically scan billions of blobs, examine blobs based on dozens of properties, and determine how they should be processed. Parametrization using blob tags and metadata allows for dynamic run-time flexibility. The tasks you compose can be assigned for execution across dozens of storage accounts without having to provision or manage any infrastructure. Monitoring overhead is minimized through views that summarize results at a glance with filters and drilldowns for details. This release supports cost optimization, data protection, rehydration from archive, tagging, and several other use cases, with more to follow.

Azure Storage Actions is available for preview in select regions. For details, please see the Azure blog. To learn more, refer to the documentation or build your first Azure Storage Action using the quickstart guide.

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