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Azure API Management update October 11

Published date: October 12, 2018

The latest update to Azure API Management includes the following bug fixes, changes, and new features:

  • Smoother upgrades of Azure API Management. Only one virtual machine at a time is rebooted when upgrading to the latest release.
  • Activity logs for incorrect key vault certificates. Customers who use Azure Key Vault for management of custom domain certificates in Azure API Management should monitor activity logs for errors. The errors will appear when API Management can't automatically refresh a certificate because it has lost access to the key vault or the secret has been overwritten with an invalid or expired instance. Customers can configure automatic alerts on activity logs.
  • Enhanced API for listing reports by request.The API call for listing reports by request now supports filtering on apiId, operationId, subscriptionId, productId, and userId fields, in addition to the timestamp field. New $skip and $top query parameters can be used for paging.
  • Bug fix in analytics. Requests with latency over 120 seconds are properly counted from now on. Archival data remains as is.
  • Bug fix in tracing. It's now possible to generate request traces when you're using policies with expressions that return objects of type IReponse.
  • Bug fix for gateways with wildcard host name. The bug that caused gateway with the wildcard host name to reject requests in some rare cases is now fixed.

The service update started on October 11, 2018. We upgrade service instances in batches, and it usually takes about a week for the update to reach every active service instance.


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