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    Does Peek() method in PeekLock mode lock a Service bus message?

    • c#
    • azure
    • azureservicebus
    • azure-servicebus-queues

    Parse Text File Using PowerShell

    • azure
    • powershell
    • powershell-3.0
    • azure-powershell
    • powershell-4.0

    Passport is forcing /login/callback nodejs

    • node.js
    • azure
    • authentication
    • azure-active-directory
    • passport.js

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    It would be really helpful to be able to see in Azure AD and B2C failed sign in attempts from users that does not exist in the tenant direct

    It would be really helpful to be able to see in Azure AD and B2C failed sign in attempts from users that does not exist in the tenant directory. I can only see sign in attempts from users that exist on my tenant but how about if someone is trying to force a login multiple times from a users that doesn't exist?

    Out-of-the-box browser on Windows Server VMs on Azure

    Why does Azure not offer customers a decent browser that can be used out-of-the-box after provisioning a Win server VM on Azure instead of Internet Explorer ? It would be nice to ship a default browser that works (instead of having customers grapple with this as the first thing to fix post provisioning) as most often, it’s the first thing needed to download additional software etc. Thanks!

    Allow specifying integer value types in Azure portal

    Right now any values entered in Azure portal passed as strings to backend which prevents scenarios where underlying infrastructure expects integers for enforcement. Additional details can be found here

    Azure WAN Default route or custom route should have an option to force the traffic to it's VPN Gateway or ER gateway as they 2 instances

    Not sure if it possible to route a traffic to one of the instance and separate the traffic in between VPN gateway Instances. If that becomes possible it would be most effective way to segregate the routing and packets

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