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    Delete warnings for Seamless single sign-on and Pass-through authentication after Azure AD Connect servers are deleted.

    I deleted the on-prem server in AD Connect Health after taking the on-prem server offline - AD Connect is not used/available as all accounts are now managed in AAD. I get a warning in Azure Active Directory blade > Azure AD Connect that 'Seamless single sign-on' and 'Pass-through authentication' need attention. There is no way to get rid of the warnings.

    Provide additional security options for Azure Devops Service Hooks

    We leverage Azure Devops Service Hooks to integrate pull requests with an external service. Currently, we have to rely on basic authentication and server TLS certificates, but the source IP addresses can be from anywhere in the same region as our tenant. Please support additional security options, like TLS client certificates and/or provide a smaller dedicated source IP range for generation of service hooks.

    Offline installer for Azure point-to-site VPN client

    The installer is through MS Store only. This is a showstopper for organization where MS Store is blocked as part of hardening guidelines for endpoints. An offline/standalone installer is not available as on date as confirmed by MS Support also. Strongly recommend making the same available.


    If you have to install MS Office software, you should open this link login. This can be done using a flash drive or pen drive as an intermediary medium. These applications are considered portable as they can be transferred to various devices without much hassle or may require some other software.

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