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Extension Host is coming to Azure Stack with the next update 1811

Back in August we informed you with a blog post title “Enhance security and simplify network integration with Extension Host on Azure Stack” about a new capability that is coming to Microsoft Azure Stack. This capability further enhances the security and simplifies network integration. Extension Host is going to be enabled by the next Azure Stack update 1811.

In August 2018, we informed Azure Stack users of a new capability coming to Microsoft Azure Stack though the blog post “Enhance security and simplify network integration with Extension Host on Azure Stack”. This capability further enhances security and simplifies network integration for Azure Stack. We are proud to share that Extension Host will be enabled by the next Azure Stack update, 1811. Please note, this update does require that two additional certificates be imported in advance.

Skipping the required preparation will result in a failure during pre-update validation checks, and will result in a halt to the updating process. There is still time to acquire these two certificates which are necessary for the integration of Azure Stack update 1811.

A validation check is already part of the newly released 1809 hotfix and it shows a warning alert in the operator portal if the required certificates have not yet been imported. This is a reminder with a call to action to follow the preparation guidance in order to be prepared for the upcoming Azure Stack update 1811.

New deployments of Azure Stack have been requiring these two additional certificates since September 2018. Please check with your Azure Stack hardware partner for more specifics.

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