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Azure Marketplace announces new features and functionality

Today we are happy to announce enhancements for compute offerings, a new Developer Services category, and the integration of Docker Hub and Container Apps.

Our goal with the Azure Marketplace is to continuously enhance our customers’ experience and provide you with the tools you need to achieve your business goals. Today we are happy to announce enhancements for compute offerings, a new Developer Services category, and the integration of Docker Hub and Container Apps.

Compute Offerings

Deploy production level offerings at scale Responding to market demand to support deployments for production use offerings, we are excited to announce enhancements to the onboarding and deployment capabilities for Multi-VMs offers in the Azure Marketplace. Multi-VMs offers significantly reduce the time and resources required to deploy complex production level software, minimizing development and integration costs. These offers enable users to better manage services, improve performance, and dramatically simplify the process to create virtual machine clusters on Azure. Multi-VMs also provide redundancy and failover capabilities and reliably operate at optimal performance. Check out the Azure Marketplace. Programmatic Enablement You can now easily enable and manage access to programmatic deployment of virtual machines with 3rd party Marketplace applications (on Azure Resource Manager) on your subscriptions. You can take advantage of this feature on to the new Azure portal via the Marketplace as well as in your subscription views. To learn more visit manage programmatic enablement.

Developer Services

The Azure Marketplace is committed to help you be more productive. As a result, we are excited to announce a new category in the Azure Marketplace – Developer Services. Developer Services provide additional functionality beyond the Azure platform and make it easier for you to integrate complex services in your applications. Furthermore, this offers you additional choice, flexibility, and functionality when building applications and/or running your business on Azure. You can select from the existing portfolio of Developer Services in the Azure classic management portal, or select new Developer Services offers in the Azure management portal from Bing Maps, SendGrid, New Relic, Signiant, ConexLink, and Trend Micro. To simplify pricing, we are also excited to announce base plus consumption pricing for Azure Marketplace Developer Services in the Azure management portal. Depending on the pricing set by the publisher, you may have the option to select offers plans that are monthly only, consumption only, or both. In consumption scenarios, you pay for what you use outside of any monthly costs. To learn more check out Developer Services in the Azure Marketplace.

Docker Hub Integration

Building on our partnership with Docker and the momentum generated at DockerCon 2015, Container Apps are now available in the Azure Marketplace. Container Apps help you automate the deployment of your applications with isolated software containers running in single virtualized instances. This reduces your costs associated with starting and managing virtual machines and helps you get closer to achieving 100% utilization of your cloud instances. You can search and deploy curated Official Repositories from Docker Hub, which include popular workloads such as databases, web blogs, caches, search server, and CI tools, integrated with the Azure Marketplace. You can now benefit from and leverage Docker’s community to drive rapid innovation and get more done on Azure. Learn more about deploying Container Apps and try it out today on the Azure Management Portal.

Learn more and get started

Today’s announcement supports our commitment to continuously raise the bar and provide you with the features and functionality you need to enhance your productivity on Azure and drive innovation. Learn more and start using the thousands of pre-configured offers ready to deploy on Azure available in the Azure Marketplace. If you are an ISV and you are interested in publishing your application or service into the Azure Marketplace, visit the Marketplace Partner Program page to learn more. The Azure Marketplace is an online store to discover, purchase, and deploy apps and services built for Microsoft Azure.