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Anoob Backer

Senior Program Manager, Cloud + Enterprise

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Published • 2 min read

Announcing StorSimple 8000 series in the new Azure portal! 

I’m pleased to announce the General Availability of StorSimple 8000 series management in the new Azure portal. Everything about the StorSimple Physical Device Series experience in the new Azure portal is designed to be easy. Our 8000 series customers can now use the new Azure portal and Azure Resource Manager to unlock the deep personalization, role-based access control, and a single portal to manage all your applications.

Published • 3 min read

Can’t recover VMs in Azure with volumes greater than 1TB? Use Storage Spaces! 

Azure Site Recovery (ASR) is simple for any user to protect Azure applications and enable orchestrated recovery and health monitoring. Learn how to leverage Storage Spaces on Windows servers to configure larger disks and recover these large volume workloads on Azure.

Published • 3 min read

Disaster Recovery to Azure enhanced, and we’re listening! 

In order for us to deliver a superior experience for leveraging Azure as your Disaster Recovery site, we brought together a broad range of expertise from multiple teams. With what we’ve been able to achieve together, we see Azure Site Recovery (ASR) has an exciting new beginning.