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Migrate your Git Repository to automated deployments with APIOps by 15 March 2025

Published date: March 29, 2024

Each API Management service instance maintains a configuration database that contains information about the configuration and metadata for the service instance. Changes can be made to the service instance by changing a setting in the Azure portal, using Azure tools such as Azure PowerShell or the Azure CLI, or making a REST API call. In addition to these methods, you can manage your service instance configuration using a Git repository feature. The Git repository capability in Azure API Management will be retired effective on 15 March 2025. We now provide a similar functionality called APIOps based on the ARM-based REST API and ARM RBAC.  

To take advantage of upcoming features, we’re recommending that customers migrate their Azure API Management instances from the Git repository to the APIOps approach.  The API Management configuration can now be extracted with our APIOps tooling and maintained by the customer with their own Git Repository implementation like Github or Azure DevOps. Support for Git repository will be retired by 15 March 2025.   

What happens during and after the retirement announcement?   

From now through 15 March 2025, if you have an existing Azure API Management instance using the Git repository, you can continue to use it normally.  You can transition your existent Git repository configuration and metadata for the service instance to APIOps at any point prior to 15 March 2025. Any new Azure API Management after that date will not allow to activate the Git repository feature.  


Required action  

Please migrate all your update your Git repository to the APIOps tools by 15 March 2025.   

If you have existing instances using Git repository, please implement the newer and safer approach of APIOps by extracting your configuration, storing it in your Git Repository implementation like Github or Azure DevOps Repositories.    


Help and Support 
If you have questions, get answers from community experts in Microsoft Q&A. If you have a support plan and you need technical help, please create a support request:  

  1. Under Issue type, select ???. 

  1. Under Subscription, select your subscription. 

  1. Under Service, select My services, then select ??? 

  1. Under Summary, type a description of your issue. 

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