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Azure OpenAI Service PREVIEW

Apply advanced coding and language models to a variety of use cases

Power your apps with large-scale AI models

Leverage large-scale, generative AI models with deep understandings of language and code to enable new reasoning and comprehension capabilities for building cutting-edge applications. Apply these coding and language models to a variety of use cases, such as writing assistance, code generation, and reasoning over data. Detect and mitigate harmful use with built-in responsible AI and access enterprise-grade Azure security.

Large, pretrained AI models to unlock new scenarios

Customised AI models fine-tuned with your data and hyperparameters

Built-in responsible AI to detect and mitigate harmful use

Enterprise-grade security with role-based access control (RBAC) and private networks

Deliver results for new use cases

Gain access to powerful language models that have been pretrained with trillions of words. Apply them to new scenarios, including language, code, reasoning, inferencing, and comprehension.

Adapt AI models to your specifications

Customise models with labelled data for your specific scenario using a simple REST API. Fine-tune your model's hyperparameters to increase accuracy of outputs. Use the few-shot learning capability to provide the API with examples and achieve more relevant results.

Apply AI responsibly

Use leading Microsoft tools and guidance for responsible implementation. Filter and moderate the content of your users' requests and responses to ensure that coding and language AI models are used for their intended purpose.

Help secure your mission-critical workloads

OpenAI Service runs on the Azure global infrastructure to meet your production needs, such as critical enterprise security, compliance, and regional availability. Provision capacity to support the throughput needs of your application and scale for demand over time. Make deployment more secure and trusted with role-based authentication and private network connectivity. Train your AI model with full control of your data.

Built in comprehensive security and compliance

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Customers are innovating with OpenAI Service

Solving real-world business needs with GPT-3 on Power Platform

The Power Platform team realised that the GPT-3 model's ability to translate conversational language into code could help make the code more straightforward for a wider variety of people.

Access an AI pair programmer with GitHub Co-pilot

GitHub Co-pilot draws context from the code you're working on and suggests whole lines or entire functions. As you type, it adapts to the way you write code to help you complete your work faster.

CarMax turns customer reviews into custom content for shoppers

Azure OpenAI Service enables CarMax to unlock new use cases, such as generating summarised content from customers reviews, which allows shoppers to quickly and easily read information about cars they're considering purchasing.

OpenAI Service resources and documentation

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Frequently asked questions about OpenAI Service

  • OpenAI Service is available with limited access during the preview. The service currently requires registration, and Microsoft may limit access based on availability and eligibility criteria. Apply now.
  • Pricing will be based on the pay-as-you-go consumption model with a price per unit for each model, which is similar to Azure Cognitive Services pricing models.
  • There are several factors we're using to evaluate and approve submitted use cases, which include, but aren't limited to:

    1. Responsible use of the service: using the models as they're intended to be used
    2. Capacity: ensuring that we’re able to adequately on-board and provide service to customers

    Learn more about limited access
  • The early-stage nature of the technology may result in unexpected and non-ideal behaviours. We limit access to the service to promote responsible use and limit the impact of high-risk use cases.
  • OpenAI Service brings together OpenAI API and Azure enterprise-level security, compliance, and regional availability.
  • There are several ways that Microsoft is ensuring responsible use, including:

    Tools and guidance: Azure OpenAI Service offers tools to empower customers with the ability to moderate generated content and guidance and implementation best practises to help customers design their applications, while keeping safety front and centre.

    Limited access: The service is currently available by limited access. This will ensure that early collaborations ensure the responsible AI safeguards are working in practice.

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