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Messaging services on Azure

Connect your modern applications—written in different languages and hosted anywhere—with a comprehensive set of messaging services on Azure.

Reliably connect hybrid applications using messaging services

Messaging services on Azure provide the interconnectivity between components and applications that are written in different languages and hosted in the same cloud, multiple clouds, or on-premises. Use message queues or topics to send messages without concerns of consumer availability and to help balance varying workload throughput.

Easily migrate your on-premises enterprise messaging solutions to the cloud using common industry and open-protocol support such as ISO/IEC Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) and Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT).

Meet the demands of your growing business by using scalable messaging services on Azure. Ingest millions of messages and events without concerns about infrastructure management or operations.

Continue to access on-premises and multicloud resources with direct connectivity through firewalls, without compromising security. Messaging services on Azure support hybrid connectivity by originating requests from the consumer.

Build modern reactive microservices with events coming from Azure or from your own applications. Reduce time and complexity with event-driven applications, which only execute when events are pushed to the serverless component.

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Service Bus

Connect on-premises and cloud-based apps on an enterprise message queueing and pub-sub platform using open protocols.

Event Grid

Build event-driven apps that connect Azure and third-party services using a fully managed publish-subscribe service.

Event Hubs

Ingest, route, and store streams of millions of events for real-time analytics and apps. Supports Apache Kafka workloads.

Azure Relay

Interconnect apps across different sites, data centres and network boundaries, without complex network-level solutions.

Queue storage

Decouple components using simple queues with enormous capacity.

Azure SignalR Service

Add real-time functionality to your web apps—like chat rooms, co-authoring, live dashboards, and instant broadcasting.


Run a native Apache Kafka distribution in a managed environment for maximum control over Kafka configurations and settings.

Notification Hubs

Send personalised push notifications to any mobile platform, from any back end.

Azure IoT Hub

Enable bi-directional communication between IoT devices and Azure.

Azure web PubSub

Easily build real-time messaging web applications using WebSockets and the publish-subscribe pattern.

Solution architectures for messaging services on Azure

Discover how messaging services can help you simplify and scale your infrastructure across various enterprise use cases.

Enterprise integration on Azure using message queues and events

Asynchronous communication solution using a message broker enables scalability of backend processors, load-leveling, and application decoupling.

Stream processing pipeline with Azure Stream Analytics

Apps, devices and systems constantly emit data. Ingest millions of events per second as data streams that can be analysed, persisted and visualised.

Event-based cloud automation on Azure

Event-driven applications leverage the scalability of serverless computing to handle discrete events coming from disparate systems.

IoT and data analytics in the construction industry

Azure IoT Hub enables secure bidirectional communication between your Internet of Things (IoT) application and the devices it manages.

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Customers are doing great things with messaging services on Azure


"The solution needed to be simple. The ZEISS team did not want to add to the complexity faced by the users of their highly advanced devices. Yet the small development team wanted to work quickly, so they created an Enterprise Service Bus in the cloud, capable of integrating the various devices and customer touch points via standard REST-based APIs."

Kai Walter, Lead Solution Architect, Carl Zeiss AG


Bridgestone enhances safe, efficient mobility with Tirematics leveraging Azure Event Hubs for real time notification of anomalies.



Digital payments company answers questions about using Azure Blockchain Workbench to help build a more prosperous Africa


Frequently asked questions

  • Messages carry intent or transfer the state between components, while events are observations about what has happened. Learn more.
  • A message queue provides an asynchronous FIFO (first-in, first-out) point-to-point communication channel. While topics also allow you to do asynchronous FIFO communication, topics also allows producers to publish messages that can then be subscribed to by one or more consumers.
  • Event distribution provides the distribution of discrete events. A discrete event describes a specific action that has taken place by the publisher. Event streaming carries informational data points as elements of a continuously published stream.

Try Service Bus for message queueing

Start building scalable and reliable cloud apps with queues and topics.

Build event-driven apps with Event Grid

Simplify your event-based applications with a scalable event publish/subscribe service using push-based subscriptions.

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