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Azure governance

Get the most advanced set of governance capabilities of any major cloud provider.

Build and scale your applications quickly while maintaining control

Take advantage of built-in and custom policies to set guardrails in your subscriptions. Easily deploy fully governed environments throughout your organization with Azure Blueprints. And, manage costs by gaining insights into your cloud spend so that you get the most from your cloud investments.

Azure governance features and services

Implement governance across your environments.

Create hierarchies

Apply policies with flexible hierarchies to multiple subscriptions.

Apply policies

Implement policy-based management for all Azure services.

Add policies and roles to templates

Easily create fully compliant environments and apply group policies to new Azure subscriptions.

Do inventory management

Get visibility into all your resources—fast.

Optimize costs

Analyze costs and monitor usage from a single dashboard.

Ensure compliance easily with Azure Blueprints

Stay compliant with internal and external regulations by configuring your templates using policies, access controls, and resources, and then deploying them. Proactively ensure consistent development environments through policy enforcement. Create an audit trail to identify compliance issues, notify stakeholders, and remediate issues quickly. Manage updates to blueprints through versioning control. Take advantage of the most comprehensive set of compliance offerings, including built-in compliance blueprints including ISO-27001.

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Empower DevOps to be more productive

Keep your developers focused on building innovative products and services—and not on compliance-related tasks—with self-service provisioning and infrastructure management. Move the compliance process to the beginning of the DevOps lifecycle by using built-in policies.

Manage and optimize your costs

Azure governance services are free for Azure subscribers. Create custom dashboards to view and analyze your cloud usage and spend. Increase efficiencies by right sizing your virtual machines and purchasing reserved instances.

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Microsoft cloud adoption framework for Azure with business risks, policy and compliance, process

Learn how to create a governance strategy

Governance is a broad discipline. Learn Microsoft best practices on how to implement your governance strategy and take advantage of the benefits of Azure governance services.

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