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Build applications with Azure

Build apps with best-in-class tools, your favorite open-source frameworks and languages, and a platform that supports a range of services and continuous collaboration and delivery

Build on your terms in your favorite languages and frameworks


Build modern, scalable .NET apps on a cloud platform designed for .NET. Migrate your on-premises .NET apps to Azure App Service.


Build and deploy Java apps in the cloud using your favorite tools and frameworks.


Build Python web apps on Azure. Put AI and data science to work for your organisation.


Host your Node.js apps on Azure and deploy your first app in minutes.

More languages

Choose from a range of languages and tools to build on your own terms.

Create and deploy better applications faster—with best-in-class tools

Visual Studio Code

Edit, debug, and deploy to Azure with a lightweight yet powerful code editor that works with any language and runs on any OS.

Explore Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio

Efficiently develop scalable, secure apps optimised for Azure with this integrated development environment.

Build cloud-enabled apps


Securely deliver software faster and automate code-to-cloud workflows with developer best practices and tools.

Streamline development

Power Apps

Quickly build apps for any device and bring AI to your apps—with this low-code platform that seamlessly works with Azure services.

Discover a low-code platform

Stay current and share ideas with the global developer community

Learn what's new

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Build your skills

Discover Azure AI tools, products, and services for developers.

Learn about machine learning tools for data scientists and engineers.

Learn how to develop apps with Visual Studio. Access tools, downloads, and tutorials.

Get started with .NET—a free, open-source platform for building all your apps.

Student developers—jump-start your career with cloud application development tools and resources.

Participate in communities

Join the Microsoft Tech Community to collaborate, share, and learn from experts.

Network with others in your area and with the broader Azure community. Explore Azure Tech Groups.

Find and connect with technical experts in your field and region. Search Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals.

Make your job easier with code samples, SDKs, and training

Code samples

Explore hundreds of Azure code samples and discover what you can build.

Azure architectures

Find diagrams, reference architectures, scenarios, and solutions.

Azure SDKs

Programmatically manage and interact with Azure services—using your language of choice.

Azure solutions

Create reliable, global, and more secure applications faster.

Microsoft Learn and certifications

Master in-demand technical skills in less than an hour a day for a month—then take your certification exam.

Continue learning with more application development resources

Azure events

Participate in webinars, virtual training days, and events.

Azure videos

Choose from hundreds of product demos and technical videos.

Azure customer stories

See how developers are creating amazing results with Azure.

Reports, white papers, and e-books

Get premium analyst content for free and in-depth information about key cloud topics.

Azure updates

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