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South African city empowers citizens to help improve roadways with mobile app

Johannesburg Roads Agency

The Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) maintains roadways, bridges, and other transportation infrastructure for South Africa’s most populous city. To improve its operations and address public criticisms, JRA released the Find and Fix mobile app, which allows motorists to easily report roadway issues through a smartphone. JRA reduced issue resolution times from 32.4 days to less than a day, which boosted its image, increased citizen satisfaction, and improved driving conditions across the city.
Blackbaud harnesses the power of Azure to help drive social good


Blackbaud is a US-based software provider with an ambitious vision: Use software to power an ecosystem of good that builds a better world. To realize that ambition, Blackbaud decided to transition from being a traditional on-premises software provider to a cloud solution provider. Because Blackbaud solution leaders recognized that managing their APIs is key to that change, they turned to Microsoft Azure API Management for help with their cloud journey.
NEC Solution Innovators turns to DevOps built on Microsoft Azure and OSS and gets amazing results

NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd.

NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd.—the core NEC Group company responsible for software development, system integration, and related services—wanted to improve its development processes. To accomplish that, the company adopted a DevOps approach and combined Microsoft Azure and open-source software (OSS), running CentOS/Ubuntu and Docker on Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines and using tools such as SonarQube and Terraform. It got amazing results. The Information Systems Division of the company dramatically reduced its release cycles—from an average of eight months to as little as one week—and optimized the allocation and recovery of development costs. Those results are changing the internal culture at NEC Solution Innovators in a major way.
社内システムの開発/運用に Microsoft Azure と OSS で構成した DevOps を導入。以前は平均 8 か月だったリリース サイクルを最短 1 週間にまで短縮、初期リリースまでのコストも 1/4 に 〜職場環境改善ツール「Workplace Environment Improvement Tool (WEIT)」をわずか 3 か月でリリース〜

NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd.

NEC グループの社会ソリューション事業を ICT で担う中核会社として、システム インテグレーションや各種サービスの提供、ソフトウェア開発を軸に事業を展開している NECソリューションイノベータ株式会社 (以下、NECソリューションイノベータ)。ここでは社内システムの開発および運用に対する DevOps の導入が進められています。DevOps パイプラインを構成しているのは、マイクロソフト クラウドとオープンソース ソフトウェア (OSS) の組み合わせ。Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines で CentOS/Ubuntu&Docker を動かしているほか、SonarQube や Terraform なども活用されています。このような取り組みによって、以前は平均 8 か月かかっていたリリース サイクルを、最短 1 週間にまで大幅に短縮。開発コストの配分最適化や回収の早期化も実現し、社内文化も「部門の壁を越えて課題解決を行う」方向へと、大きく変わりつつあります。
Startup brings science to workforce allocation


Based in Irvine, California, QMerit created an innovative, enterprise-grade software platform for service organizations based on Microsoft Azure. Managing direct employees, temporary workers, and subcontractors on a single cloud-based platform, the QMerit meritocracy-based engine allocates the best resources at the best value for every service request, motivates the workforce to deliver consistent service on every service job, and continuously measures performance to provide feedback. The startup has already secured industry-leading customers such as BMW North America, and it looks forward to creating workforce meritocracies for service organizations in multiple market verticals.
Global leadership advisory and executive search firm strengthens, simplifies business continuity with hybrid cloud

Russell Reynolds Associates

Russell Reynolds Associates is a global leadership advisory and executive search firm that uses the Microsoft hybrid cloud to better meet the needs of customers in a fast-changing digital world. Russell Reynolds moved backup to the cloud using Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Data Protection Manager to safeguard VMware workloads and transfer them to Microsoft Azure Backup. It then created a business continuity/disaster recovery solution in Azure using Azure Site Recovery, which enabled it to cut its secondary datacenter footprint in half. With its hybrid cloud solution, Russell Reynolds better protects its business and reduces costs, enabling it to increase innovation investments. Also, the IT staff is relieved of the boredom of mundane backup work and freed to work on strategic projects.
Innovative UK health and life insurer boosts sales with Microsoft CRM


Vitality, one of the most distinctive life and health insurers on the British market, has revamped its entire lead management process via an intensive business process redesign linked to the introduction of leading-edge CRM techniques with Dynamics. The project has doubled the team’s contribution to group income in just seven months and even higher targets for the team are now feasible, says the business owner.
Building supplies retailer constructs lucrative B2B portal


Based in Oslo, Norway, Løvenskiold-Vækerø is a family-owned company with a long history in the retail, real estate, forestry, and agriculture industries. Its subsidiary, Løvenskiold Handel, oversees a popular retail chain offering building supplies. Early in the market with a B2C portal, Løvenskiold Handel wanted to launch a B2B site that serves its professional customers. The only way it could make progress on its e-commerce strategies and drive business within a growing construction market was to build its portal on a scalable Microsoft Azure API Management and BizTalk Server hybrid solution. Today, its B2B site is unique within the Norwegian building supplies retail market.  
Global leader in water parks chooses Project Online to increase collaboration and drive digital transformation


As the global leader in designing and manufacturing water parks, WhiteWater is committed to providing first class experiences to their clients by delivering the highest quality products, installed on time and on budget. With 8 international offices, WhiteWater needed a cloud solution to drive operational efficiencies and increase collaboration between teams. Partnering with Arbutus Solutions, WhiteWater deployed Project Online alongside Microsoft Dynamics and Power BI to optimize their business. The Microsoft ecosystem has enabled WhiteWater’s digital transformation, empowering their employees with the data they need, wherever and whenever they need it.
Using advanced analytics to safely connect people to the energy they need every day


As North America’s largest energy infrastructure company, Enbridge connects people to the energy to they need to live their lives to the fullest—with a relentless focus on safety and reliability. As part of its continual effort to enhance existing and advance new safety technologies, Enbridge partnered with Microsoft to accelerate their digital transformation through the use of advanced analytics. The Microsoft Azure platform helps Enbridge make informed decisions based on real-time data, ensuring their staff are deployed to the right place at the right time to maintain the safety of communities and the environment.

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