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University of Cambridge increases student learning with open source Azure service

University of Cambridge

As the pace of global innovation continues to accelerate, the University of Cambridge is evolving engineering curriculum to teach core concepts faster using higher level, open source tools in the public cloud. For example, a professor increased learning in an introductory computing class by having students use Microsoft Azure Notebooks Service powered by the Jupyter open source project. This allows students to spend more time mastering concepts and enhancing problem solving skills and less time on language syntax. This technology switch also gives students anytime, anywhere access to required tools needed to complete assignments, and it facilitates greater collaboration between professors, students, and the larger community. In addition, after Cambridge adopted a public cloud solution, IT infrastructure doesn’t limit the ingenuity of bright minds.
This wealth manager wanted to give its increasingly digital-savvy clients more ways to interact with it. And it wanted to give it to them fast.

Van Lanschot

Private banking clients have distinctive needs and expectations for managing their wealth—but they want the option to use digital channels and tools just as much as regular banking clients do. To give them this option, Van Lanschot, the oldest financial institution in the Netherlands, built a mobile-first, web-based client platform with Microsoft Azure. The solution was in production about 50 percent faster than traditional offerings, meets the needs of a new generation, and supports flexible growth for years to come.
Fast-growing startup offers adaptable, intelligent data as a service (DaaS) platform in the cloud


Founded in 2014, Unifi Software has created an integrated suite of innovative self-service data tools that are now the go-to solution for many Forbes Global 2000 companies. We attribute our success to the quality of our data as a service (DaaS) platform and to smart business choices, including our decision to participate in the Microsoft Accelerator program and take advantage of its cost-effective access to Microsoft Azure.
Big-data analytics startup creates petabyte-scale analytics solution with ultrafast query results


Founded in 2016, Kyligence is a cutting-edge data intelligence company that offers solutions for big data analytics. Kyligence products are powered by Apache Kylin, the leading open-source online analytical processing (OLAP) engine that’s built for interactive analytics of petabyte-scale data on Hadoop. (Apache Hadoop is the open-source software framework used for distributed storage and processing of big datasets.) We also offer Kyligence Robot, an online tuning and optimization service for Apache Kylin, and Kyligence Cloud, an elastic data analytics platform in the cloud.
Go beyond banking, connecting people and markets and markets to people

Diamond Bank Plc

Diamond Bank is one of the 22 financial institutions operating in Nigeria, with a mission to “Go beyond banking, connect people and markets and markets to people.” This mission is brought to life through leveraging innovative Microsoft technologies to empower the bank to reach more people in a cost-effective way. Also deepening financial inclusion initiatives, Diamond Bank delivers on this commitment with the right digital assets to enable offering of a wide portfolio of products for the chan…
GoDaddy ports communications services to Linux in six weeks using .NET Core


From building websites to hosting productivity tools, GoDaddy provides technology that helps small businesses succeed. As part of its goal to remain the go-to cloud platform for wide-ranging web services, GoDaddy acquired FreedomVoice in 2016 to enlarge the company’s portfolio of communication offerings. GoDaddy developers quickly and easily ported the acquired firm’s Microsoft .NET-based technology stack to .NET Core—a step critical to creating a new end-to-end business telephony solution running on Linux.
Chilean IoT firm reports 10-fold growth, streamlines PostgreSQL management with Azure solutions


Based in Santiago, Chile, IoT provider Fracttal sought to standardize on a reliable cloud platform while preserving existing investments in open-source software, including its PostgreSQL database. Fracttal initially used Amazon Web Services for one year, including the Amazon Relational Database Service, but switched to Microsoft Azure and its Azure Database for PostgreSQL technology. Now, Fracttal gains exceptional service and attention from Microsoft, new customer opportunities, and a database solution that supports exponential growth.
Office supplier moves SAP Hybris to Azure, expects 50 percent lower datacenter costs


ADVEO distributes office supplies to resellers in nine countries across western Europe. Although the Madrid, Spain–based company is undergoing a digital transformation, manual processes are common in the industry. Resellers could take up to 48 hours to confirm delivery of inventory, and testing IT business process changes required advance capacity planning. In response, ADVEO migrated its SAP Hybris Commerce solution to run on Microsoft Azure to support a dynamic supply chain and a testing cycle of hours, not weeks.
Chinese startup grows rapidly by offering big data IoT solution in the cloud


In 2013, we founded Sensoro in Beijing to offer intelligent low-power wireless sensors and communication devices that transmit information to centralized networks. As part of our Alpha Product Suite, these networks aggregate data from the physical world to inform Internet of Things (IoT) applications. We complement our technology with expert services, providing true end-to-end IoT solutions. After starting with only three employees, Sensoro now has 97 employees serving customers in 65 countries, and we have a regional headquarters in Seattle.
When Samudra LED got Azure  


Today, India is in the mission to achieve 100 percent electrification. Generating enough electricity and creating the power distribution infrastructure is only half the battle; the rest remains in the country’s ability to optimize the usage and curb wastage. So, when a city like Jaipur decides to move in the energy saving lighting direction, by replacing its existing streetlamps with LED lights, it should not come as a surprise. This daunting task, to bring the energy consumption of the streetlamps down by at least 77.13 percent, was taken up by Samudra LED, a consortium partner of EIPL. The company decided to upgrade the street lighting with smart LED lighting. Smart-lighting meant that they could analyse the data in real time and improve efficiency while eliminating wastage; it also meant that they needed to have the ability to warehouse the data and analyse it. This lead them to Microsoft; here we understand why.

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