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General availability: Azure Cosmos DB autoscale RU/s entry point is 4x lower

Published date: April 13, 2022

With Azure Cosmos DB autoscale, you can now set a scale range of 100 - 1000 RU/s, which is 4x lower than the previous minimum scale range of 400 - 4000 RU/s. Autoscale automatically scales the throughput of your database or container within a specified range, removing the need for manual capacity management. For smaller workloads that do not require high throughput, setting the new scale range can make autoscale up to 4x lower in cost, while still providing the ability to scale-up to handle spikes of traffic. 

If you’re using an Azure Cosmos DB free tier account, you can use autoscale in your free tier account at no cost. By creating a shared throughput database with autoscale (100 – 1000 RU/s), you can have up to 25 containers sharing the overall throughput for free. 

To get started, create a new autoscale database or container.  

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