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Announcing Azure API Management Credential Manager: Azure API Management Authorizations Renamed

Published date: November 15, 2023

We're thrilled to introduce the rebranding and feature enhancements of Azure API Management's Credential Manager, formerly known as Authorizations. The updated Credential Manager now boasts additional capabilities for user-delegated permissions.

Serving as a centralized repository within API Management, the Credential Manager stores your API credentials and access tokens, playing a critical role in ensuring secure and seamless connections across all your services during API runtime. This robust system acts as a centralized hub for managing, storing, and controlling access to various API credentials, including passwords, API keys, OAuth tokens, and more, all from your API Management instance.

In the past, users were limited to using connections that were previously created with user-delegated permissions. Now, customers have the ability to facilitate the creation of connections on behalf of logged-in users on the client side. These connections empower us to present user-specific context, sparing users the need to log in repeatedly.

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