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    August 2019

    13 Aug

    Azure SignalR Service introduces Event Grid integration feature

    Announcing a new Azure SignalR Service feature that enables the service to publish client events to Event Grid. SignalR applications can subscribe and respond to these client events without the need for a dedicated app server for these events.

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    May 2019

    6 May

    Azure SignalR Service support for ASP.NET is now available

    Azure SignalR Service support for ASP.NET is now generally available

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    March 2019

    6 Mar

    SignalR Service bindings

    Azure Functions can now use bindings for SignalR Service to send real-time data to web applications as part of the function executions. The binding is supported for all generally available languages, including C#, JavaScript, and Java.

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    November 2018

    19 Nov

    Azure SignalR Service GUID changes

    Effective January 1, 2019, resource GUIDs and names for Azure SignalR Service will change.

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    October 2018

    31 Oct

    Azure SignalR Service is now available

    Azure SignalR Service is now Generally Available. Build real-time web experiences without worrying about hosting, scalability, load balancing, or authentication.

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