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    When creating a new application using Azure DevOps use the lowest tier machine instead

    When creating a new application using Azure DevOps use the lowest tier machine instead so people can upgrade instead of using the higher tier as default. This caused me to have unnecessary costs for a dev machine (10 euro's for deploy to an non-existing (spelling-error) sql database).

    Allow Static Code Analysis Rule SR0014 to work with many temporal tables

    None of the static code analysis rules will run on a database project in Visual Studio 2019 that has many temporal tables and rule SR0014 "Maintain compatibility between data types" enabled. The error is always "SQL72039: The substring is out of the bounds for script MSSQL::" followed by the name of a temporal history table. Disabling system versioning on the parent table leads to the same error, but on a different history table. The only solution to allow the other rules to run is to disable SR0014. This is not an acceptable solution, since I consider this one of the most critical rules to enforce. I'm not sure if this is some kind of corruption in the model file, but deleting and rebuilding the model does not solve the problem. Thanks in advance for looking into this!

    Chart settings in Log Analytics data graph in Dashboards

    It would be great if we could select Y axis range in chart settings for Log Analytics data chart. I followed all the steps from this tutorial: But it's not possible to select the min and max values for Y axis in the chart. In the example shown by Microsoft, there's a host always with 100% CPU just to keep the graph pretty. Could you kindly take a look at this? Best Regards. Renan Araújo


    Would appreciate if we have an option/metric to Monitor the VPN Tunnel status.

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