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    How can I query which docker image is currently deployed to an app service from an azure release pipeline?

    • azure
    • azure-pipelines
    • azure-pipelines-release-pipeline
    • azure-pipelines-release-task

    How to convert .txt.gz file to .txt in Azure Blob Container?

    • c#
    • azure
    • azure-storage
    • azure-blob-storage

    Customized storage account for Azurite on docker compose

    • azure
    • docker
    • docker-compose
    • integration-testing
    • azurite

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    Alert customers when service is running and not used.

    Microsoft should think about giving people alerts in case they have a service running without any use instead of just collecting the money for it.For 5 months a service opened by mistake was running and I did not know that I was being charged every minute

    How to watch Super Bowl live on Roku?

    To watch Super bowl live on Roku, pick the live channel packages such as 1. Sling TV- Sling Orange, Sling Blue, and Sling Orange + Sling Blue packages 2. Fubo TV- It's your interest to select the packages such as Family, Elite, and Fubo Espanol3. Hulu with Live TV- Basic, Premium, Basic + Live TV and premium+ Live TV are the compatible plans available for Hulu4. AT&T TV NOW- Plus, Max, Entertainment, and Choice are the most preferred AT&T TV NOW packages 5. Youtube TV- The best service that supports live streaming. Pay $64.99 per monthIf you require any help to subscribe the packages and stream Super bowl live, get help from our team of Roku support via+1-850-789-2110Visit :

    set as custom DNS server can't let DNS server recognize hostname to private IP of VM in the vnet

    When we set custom DNS in Vnet as,we suddenly find that hostname of VM can't be recognized successfully, We need to change to default DNS server to let the traffic be allowed.

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